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Making A Film About Hull With Kids – In Pictures

Over the last two weeks, myself (Joe) and Callum have been in St Mary Queen of Martyrs Primary School in Hull, working with the year 3 children to make a brilliant short film with our Budding Berries Filmmaking Workshop! With Hull to be the City of Culture 2017 we have simply called it ‘Hull – A City Of Culture!’

Hull City of Culture

The topic the year 3 children were learning this term was all about Hull’s history so we thought it would be great to make a film all about it. Hull has an amazing history, from great people like William Wilberforce and Amy Johnson, tragic events during the second world war and brilliant creations such as the Humber bridge! The children’s film begins back before Hull even existed, when our land became the home of people from many different places, all the way up to modern day, Hull becoming the City of Culture and beyond into the future!

We taught the children about the forced perspective technique that has been used in films for many, many years. Forced perspective is when objects appear larger or smaller, simply by moving them closer and further away from the camera. With this in mind, the children designed what would happen in their scenes and had to create props and sets that would work using forced perspective.


Each group was given a different scene from the film – depicting a different historical event in Hull. In their groups the children designed what would happen in their scene and what they needed to make it come to life!

Making Big Wheel

We took over the hall and, using all sorts of different materials, the children made the sets, props and backgrounds for their film! This is a great big wheel from Hull Fair made from straws!

The Deep - making

These girls designed and created The Deep for the background of their scene!

Making WW2

This group designed their scene for Hull during the second world war. Here is one of the bombs that is going to fall on a house.

Making Robot

Parents were invited to come and help the children make the things they needed for their scenes. Many came along, getting just as creative as the kids!

Making Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson’s plane – this is going to be close to the camera and then, using the forced perspective technique, it will look as though one of the girls is sitting inside it!


Lots of different colours and bright materials were used to create some brilliant things for the films!

Fishing Scene

When we filmed with the children it was tricky to get the forced perspective technique to work. However the children put a lot of effort into their films!

Deep Scene

Some of the children made the sets and different characters in their films move. Here are some penguins that can be found in The Deep!


The children worked great in their teams. Some were actors, others controlled the props and some controlled the camera. Some of the children even took to directing really well!


We had written a poem on the history of Hull to go alongside their film. Some of the children learned the poem so they could narrate the film!

Sound Recording

We recorded the narrators reading their parts of the poem. They didn’t have much time to practice but all did really well, speaking in loud, clear voices!


The final scenes from the film are amazing to watch! The combination of the forced perspective, brilliant sets, great costumes and clever moving props, make the film really unique and fun! Here we can see King Charles being refused entry into Hull!

Humber Bridge

The film is bright, bubbly and a lot of fun! You can see the amount of hard work and teamwork the children have put into making their history come to life!

We are so proud of the year 3 children who made this brilliant film with us and the result is something everyone will love! Everyone from Hull that watches the film will feel proud of our heritage and the children of it’s future.

We’ll be showing the short film very soon and we guarantee you’ll be impressed! Well done year 3, you’re all superstar filmmakers in the making!


Written by Joseph Monahan – writer/director at Berry Productions


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Budding Berries Filmmaking Workshops for Schools

Budding Berries

Film is becoming such a huge part in our lives, from movies and television, to advertising, video blog posts and YouTube videos. The national curriculum is beginning to realise this as well, with media becoming an integral part to school learning.

Therefore, myself (Joe, hello!) and Callum have set up the Budding Berries Filmmaking Workshops! We go around primary schools in Hull and surrounding areas giving children hands on experience of making films and animations.

I started the workshops in 2012 whilst I was working in a primary school. With my help, seven year six children wrote, directed, filmed, acted in and edited their own short film ‘The Black Eyed Boy’. The film entered the HOSCARS (Hull School Oscars) and won the best live-action film award and the best film of the event award! Chufty faces all round!


Hoscars Winners

The following year, Callum joined me on the workshops and we went to a number of schools teaching animation. Using plasticine or cardboard, children planned their animation and their characters, created their characters and sets, filmed and edited them.

Here is a video from one of the schools whose topic for the term was chocolate. With this in mind, we decided to make chocolate bar adverts with them. This is what we got up to on our four day workshop with them.

Still2Still1The final results of the animations are great to see – the children really get into making the characters and what is going to be happening to them. This school’s topic was robots so we made short robot animations that were to replace their teachers – however they keep malfunctioning!

The robots video was submitted to the HOSCARS 2013 and it won the best animation award! We have some more workshops coming up and are looking forward to them!

Still3Still4It is such a privilege to be able to go into the schools and show children how to do something that they didn’t know how to do before. They all seem to enjoy it so much. If we are able to inspire just one of those kids to pick up a camera and film something then that has made our day! Those children could be the next generation of filmmakers and it is great to think that we could have been involved in their journey!


For more information about our workshops please contact us –



Written by Joseph Monahan – writer/director at Berry Productions


Download Joe’s comedy sci-fi book, Intergalactic Terrorist.


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