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Dead Man Walking – Episode 4 – Climbing Mount Snowdon

Steve DMWbHi, I’m Steve, I work on sound with Berry Productions and can occasionally be found doing some acting as well! Look out for me in ‘The New Family Corporation’ (at the bottom of this post)! We’re also currently in production of a music video for my new song ‘Mama’ for Cancer UK.

It’s come a long way from a silly Snapchat story, but finally the first series draws to a close with Dead Man Walking episode 4.

This was always going to be the ‘season finale’ as its the biggest challenge (to date). I started planning the Snowdon climb about this time last year. I asked on Facebook if anyone would be interested in joining me, within 24 hours we had assembled a team of 22 people. As time went on people started dropping out for number of reasons which we knew would happen. We were left with a core team of 3 of us, James – a bodybuilder and Kyle (a builder who’s about 7 foot tall)

Steve DMWc

I used a Go-Pro camera strapped to my head!

Steve Dead Man Walking Berry Productions

The views from the top of Mount Snowdon were AMAZING!

This was the first time I’ve filmed a multi camera adventure, so that was fun! It took a lot more thought than expected, shots, headcams, battery life, memory… the list was endless. Trying to piece together the documentary while I was busy climbing a mountain. This is also the first adventure I’ve done with someone from start to finish, I’m used to going at my own pace. These guys were TANKS and I admit, I slowed them down.

After a year of planning, we finally made it to the summit! The feeling of pure elation for me was overwhelming. I had a lump in my throat. A normal group of blokes from Driffield and we were standing on top of a mountain! We were above the clouds. We were standing on top of the world! We’d done it!

From the very start of making this series, I knew it was only going to be a 4-part thing, mainly for lack of ideas/money, but also I didn’t really think anyone would take to it…. I was a bit wrong. I still get at least a couple of people a week asking ‘what’s next’ or ‘when’s the next one’ and the truth is, I don’t know! There are plans in motion for series 2 already, I may start filming in August. It’s really humbling to know people enjoy it, and I’ve had some lovely comments from people regarding the series!

I want to take a moment to thank you all, everyone who watched, shared or read this blog! Also my fellow adventurers, anyone who gave me a bed, lent me equipment or just cheered me on. A special thanks to Joe and Callum from Berry Productions too, for supporting me in this crazy series. Without you none of this would’ve been possible.

Its been a pretty amazing ride! From Snapchat, to Channel 4 being interested! A gentle reminder that anything is possible! I can’t wait to start filming series 2

Thank you all, I’ll see you soon

I’m Steve, and this was Dead Man Walking.

WARNING: Contains strong language

 Here’s our latest short film, starring my good self – ‘The New Family Corporation’



Written by Steve Fettis – Actor/Post-Production Sound at Berry Productions.

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