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The Field – The Big Première!

Sunday, 6th October, 2013, 4pm. We turn up to the Albemarle Centre in Hull for the showing of our new film ‘The Field’ to cast, crew, family and friends and there is already a large crowd of people waiting. Half an hour later and the reception is full of people eagerly awaiting our film! Best not let them down then…

The day before, myself (Joe) and Callum were on BBC Radio Humberside promoting ‘The Field’ and local filmmaking in Hull. We arrived nice and early (Up early? A shocker I know!) for our 8:45 slot. Luckily we got longer on air than we should have done – a good ten minutes slot. We got some good feedback from it, with a number of people getting in touch offering locations for future films and events to promote our work.

We also released a short interview with some of the cast and crew, talking about the film’s story. Check it out below:

The Sunday arrived, the posters had been printed and mounted on the walls. We had about 100 – 120 guests. The actors all turned up with their families – the kids in the film were all looking especially dapper!

The Field

A great turn out for our film’s première!

45 minutes later. There had been laughs. There had been jumps. There had been some freaking out. ‘The Field’ was a huge success! Everyone loved it! We had some great feedback from people telling us how great the picture quality was, the story, the sound effects, the music, the acting and the effects! Everyone stuck around afterwards, talking about what was in the field at Old Joe’s Farm. All-in-all it was a huge success!

A big thank you us for everyone that turned up to see it. Also a huge, huge, thanks to everyone that has been involved in making ‘The Field.’

Next stop – festivals. Let’s see if we can unleash the challenge at ‘The Field’ on to the rest of the world! Watch this space…


‘The Field’… The End?

Joe, Jade, Matt and Kane

Joe, Jade, Matt and Kane

It’s been 10 months. We’ve battled snow and sleet. Pushed on through wind and rain. Conquered heat-waves and glaring sunlight. No, we haven’t been doing some mad trek across the globe – this is just the mix of weather we have faced in England this last year as we’ve been making out newest film ‘The Field’.

We are now happy to say that, after all that time and all of the hard work that has been involved, ‘The Field’ is finally complete. Yes, in the last few days we fixed any discrepancies we had in the visuals and the sounds. We wrote our opening and end credits and we created our Berry Productions Logo to top and tail the film. Complete. Bliss.

Except of course for rendering. Anyone that has ever made a film in the digital world will understand what I mean by the term rendering. Anyone that doesn’t… it’s a bit like waiting for a bath to run. You really want this bath, in fact you can’t do anything until you have a bath. And as it turns out this bath is huge and takes a really long time to fill!

Callum and Ben

Callum and Ben

Rendering aside, we’re good to go! Go with what? Well first things first we have a Première of the film this Sunday 6th October in our hometown of Hull, East Yorkshire, UK. If you’re in or around Hull on that date, feel free to come along. Click on this lovely little link to take you to our Facebook event for more info. If you’re reading this past that date, we’ll be having another showing in Hull so please keep a check with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Now the hard work begins. Promoting our film is the next step and it’s a HUGE one. We’re going to hit all the major festivals and distributors. Anything to help get ‘The Field’ seen and hopefully put us a step closer to some funding for a feature film! Any help that anyone can offer in this department will be much appreciated!

And of course, please keep watching and sharing out Teaser Trailer on YouTube, help us get to 1000 views! There will be some interviews and clips from the film coming very soon so keep checking back with us!

Boys of the Berry hit the Headlines…

Hull Daily Mail, Berry Productions, The Field

Callum Smith and Joseph Monahan editing ‘The Field’

Thursday 20th June. Hull becomes a finalist in the run-up to the City of Culture for 2017. The Hull Daily Mail fills the paper with artistic and culturing topics. If you’d have flicked through to page 28 guess who you’d have seen… the boys of the Berry of course!

Yes it was me (Joe) and Callum on a nice, two page spread, promoting our newest short film ‘The Field!’

Although this is only the Hull Daily Mail, our city’s local paper, this article is still great for us! One of the things I am trying to promote is independent film in our city. Hull is one of the ‘forgotten cities’ in the UK. Forgotten during the war (but not by the planes that bombed the hell out of it), forgotten when the country was flooded (but not by the rain) and forgotten in independent film! The people of Hull never get a chance to know what indie film is all about. Other cities have a huge indie film culture and this is what I want Hull to get too!

So our little article, whilst helping to promote us and our work, also helps promote filmmaking in our city. We also get to have our smug mugs in the paper too!

Click on this magic little link and we’ll direct you, through the power of the world wide web, to the article on the Hull Daily Mail’s website!

They guy that wrote the article, Will Ramsey, did a great job – catching people’s attentions with some creepy headlines! He also told me he’d love to do a follow-up story once the film is completed, which will be great!

Guess we just have to crack on and complete the bloody thing now…

hull daily mail, the field

Hull Daily Mail article on Berry Production’s latest film ‘The Field’

the field, hull daily mail

We got a double page spread on our new short film ‘The Field’

Papa… Papa… Paparazzi!

Last week we were interviewed by our local paper, the Hull Daily Mail, about our work on our new film ‘The Field’. They came to our office (from which we run our video production company Serene Scene) and sat with us for well over an hour, talking about how we started, projects we have made, other things we have been involved in and, of course, all about our newest film!

Now, our local paper isn’t the greatest paper in the world, but it’s a start! One of the main problems with Hull is that people are not interested in film. At least not indie film. Hullians only plant their bums on seats for a popcorn flick with bug explosions and guns, so it will be nice to get information on our little short film to everyone in the hope that it will spark interest in indie film in our city.

During our epic hour long interview, we also had our photo taken at our editing suite! Turns out the photographer did the same media course as us at Hull College, only a few years before us. He was a lovely guy who got chatting with us about cameras and editing software. This is one of the things I really love about doing this – meeting great people who are interested in the things we do and meeting people with common interests! The interviewer was also a great guy. We had a great chat and I think he really liked us, hence the reason he stayed with us so long!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the article is, hopefully, going to be in the paper in Saturday (15/06). So if you’re from Hull and surrounded, grab yourself a copy and check out our smug mugs! If you’re not from Hull (which is probably a good thing!), we’ll upload the article to our blog for you all to gawp at!

Does anyone else have any paparazzi fame? Let us know, leave us a comment and, if it’s online, send us the link to we can check out your smug mugs too!

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