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College days…

Three of the Boys of the Berry, Callum Smith, Ben Wade and Joe Monahan (me!), studied media and moving image together at Hull College. A two year course where we learnt the basics of many of the skills we possess today. The projects we made whilst there show our ability level at the time but where a great starting point for us. We made opening credits, music videos, animations, live television shows, hate crime videos, charity appeal videos and more. It was where we really decided what it was that we wanted to be.

For our final major project, we were allowed to have some fun and make whatever content we wanted. We chose a short fictional film. It was called ‘Three of a Kind’ and was meant to reflect UK’s gangster films – based around a poker players delve into the underworld.

Looking back on it now, it is a bit cringe-worthy. Some of the ideas are good and the soundtrack is epic, but overall execution is amateur at best. But then that’s what we were back then. Amateur filmmakers. Without going through that stage we would never be where we are now!

So sit back and enjoy (or not!) ‘Three of a Kind!’


Other Berry Actors and Actresses…

“Acting deals with very delicate emotions. It is not putting up a mask. Each time an actor acts he does not hide; he exposes himself” – Jeanne Moreau

We at the Berry love actors – at the end of the day, a film cannot be a film without them! I should actually rephrase that. We love GOOD actors. Or maybe even, we love love actors who strive to be better. Everyone should strive to be better. We try and be better with every film we make. And what is one of the key essentials to our films being better? Better actors!

Over the years we’ve begun to build up a collection of actors and actresses local to us who are really very good at what they do. That sounds like we’re some weird collectors who are collecting people. This is not actually too far from the the truth. We don’t, of course, box them up and keep them hidden in a locked cupboard, only bringing them out when we need them. We’d like to, but it’s not really very practical and I’ve never heard of an actor giving their best performances under that situation.

In our earlier post, Actors in The Field, in which we’ve introduced you to the brilliant people in our latest short film ‘The Field’, currently in post-production. This post isn’t about them. Forget them for now, they’re getting too much exposure as it is! This is about the other brilliant actors we have worked with in the past and will be again!

Berry Productions, the wife and i

Kev Thompson

Kev is a great actor from Driffield, who I used to work with a few years ago. He is a very funny, talkative guy who can play a wide variety of characters. He played the long suffering husband, Henry, in ‘The Wife and I…‘ and played the character of the father in the music video for Just Just Jimmy ‘You Should Know‘. Kev is also set to star in one of our upcoming short films, hopefully made towards the end of Summer (hopefully!)

Berry Productions, Monster and Me

Steve Fettis

We met Steve at Hull College in 2005 and he has been a great friend ever since. Steve is a dab hand at all sorts. He writes and produces music tracks and is a singer. We worked with Steve on his track ‘Diary of a Pregnant Dad‘, written for when he became a first-time father. Steve has recently worked with us on a short film ‘Monster and Me.’ Admittedly, ‘Monster’ has fallen a little behind but it will be completed if it kills us! Steve has great comic timing and plays the ‘lost’ character perfectly!


berry productions, monster and meJessica Marsden

Jess is an excellent stage performer, recently working on stage in London. She worked with us on ‘Monster and Me’, her first on-camera acting. She is a brilliant actress, very natural and great to work with. Although abandoning us to the lights of our nations capital, Jess returns ‘up north’ often and we’d love to work with her again in the future! Stay tuned for ‘Monster and Me’ and you’ll see for yourself how great she is!


Berry Productions, YesterdayRuby D’Arcy

Ruby is my (Joe Monahan, hello) little girl. The great thing about Ruby is that she is very natural on camera and, being quite a bright spark, can pull off most challenges. I got her into acting when she was just 6 years old when we made ‘Molby‘. For a 6 year-old, acting on camera is great fun, but, unlike most 6 year-olds, Ruby was very professional with it, being a bit of a perfectionist! She also starred in ‘Yesterday‘ and has a cameo in our upcoming film ‘The Field!’

Berry Productions, The Wife and IJane D’Arcy

The mother-in-law who played the wife from hell in ‘The Wife and I…‘ Jane is brilliant! Not actually an actress, we sort-of roped her into the role, but she got into the character and went for it! Turns out, she was pretty good – and pretty scary as the domineering wife! We’d be happy for Jane to play a part in a future production, if she’d have us! She’s still trying to shake the reputation she’s gained from ‘Wife and I!’

Berry Productions, You ClownJoseph Monahan

Me. Shouldn’t really be writing my own piece, but as I’m the only one here by this computer I guess I have to! I’ve starred in a couple of our films, ‘You, Clown‘, ‘A Deity at the Office‘ and ‘Wastelanders‘. I enjoy acting and always have. I’d like to tackle a more serious, realistic role. Perhaps I will in a future production – we’ll just have to see what comes up!


As always, all of our actors are probably available and willing for more work and further experience. If you’re a filmmaker and are interested in casting them, please get in touch with us and we’ll hook you up!

So there they are, some of the others actors we’ve used and will continue to use! Do we have the next Johnny Depp or Helen Mirren in our midst? Maybe. Who knows what the future will bring?

Live long, keep on acting! x

Papa… Papa… Paparazzi!

Last week we were interviewed by our local paper, the Hull Daily Mail, about our work on our new film ‘The Field’. They came to our office (from which we run our video production company Serene Scene) and sat with us for well over an hour, talking about how we started, projects we have made, other things we have been involved in and, of course, all about our newest film!

Now, our local paper isn’t the greatest paper in the world, but it’s a start! One of the main problems with Hull is that people are not interested in film. At least not indie film. Hullians only plant their bums on seats for a popcorn flick with bug explosions and guns, so it will be nice to get information on our little short film to everyone in the hope that it will spark interest in indie film in our city.

During our epic hour long interview, we also had our photo taken at our editing suite! Turns out the photographer did the same media course as us at Hull College, only a few years before us. He was a lovely guy who got chatting with us about cameras and editing software. This is one of the things I really love about doing this – meeting great people who are interested in the things we do and meeting people with common interests! The interviewer was also a great guy. We had a great chat and I think he really liked us, hence the reason he stayed with us so long!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the article is, hopefully, going to be in the paper in Saturday (15/06). So if you’re from Hull and surrounded, grab yourself a copy and check out our smug mugs! If you’re not from Hull (which is probably a good thing!), we’ll upload the article to our blog for you all to gawp at!

Does anyone else have any paparazzi fame? Let us know, leave us a comment and, if it’s online, send us the link to we can check out your smug mugs too!

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