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Supernatural Horror Film ‘The Field’ On DVD Now!

Our 45 minute film ‘The Field’ that was completely self funded, is available to buy on DVD now for £5 (plus postage)! All the money we raise is going towards our next film!


Poster - DVD poster

Like what you see? Help support independent film and ‘Dare To Do The Challenge’ by getting your copy now!


Thanks from all the Berry crew x


The Field – The Big Première!

Sunday, 6th October, 2013, 4pm. We turn up to the Albemarle Centre in Hull for the showing of our new film ‘The Field’ to cast, crew, family and friends and there is already a large crowd of people waiting. Half an hour later and the reception is full of people eagerly awaiting our film! Best not let them down then…

The day before, myself (Joe) and Callum were on BBC Radio Humberside promoting ‘The Field’ and local filmmaking in Hull. We arrived nice and early (Up early? A shocker I know!) for our 8:45 slot. Luckily we got longer on air than we should have done – a good ten minutes slot. We got some good feedback from it, with a number of people getting in touch offering locations for future films and events to promote our work.

We also released a short interview with some of the cast and crew, talking about the film’s story. Check it out below:

The Sunday arrived, the posters had been printed and mounted on the walls. We had about 100 – 120 guests. The actors all turned up with their families – the kids in the film were all looking especially dapper!

The Field

A great turn out for our film’s première!

45 minutes later. There had been laughs. There had been jumps. There had been some freaking out. ‘The Field’ was a huge success! Everyone loved it! We had some great feedback from people telling us how great the picture quality was, the story, the sound effects, the music, the acting and the effects! Everyone stuck around afterwards, talking about what was in the field at Old Joe’s Farm. All-in-all it was a huge success!

A big thank you us for everyone that turned up to see it. Also a huge, huge, thanks to everyone that has been involved in making ‘The Field.’

Next stop – festivals. Let’s see if we can unleash the challenge at ‘The Field’ on to the rest of the world! Watch this space…

‘The Field’ – Character Posters

Hull is a city in the UK that is often forgotten. We’re currently in the run-up for The City of Culture and, we are beginning to get there. There are some brilliant artists, musicians, comedians, dancers and, of course, actors, living within our little city. Some of those brilliant actors have been working hard with us on our current film ‘The Field’.

We have young actors, Jade Thrustle, Matthew Duncan and Kane Meakes – upcoming kids that in the years to come could potentially become brilliant at what they do. David Aston, a brilliant older actor, is on-board, as is Joanne Gallagher who has been cast in Eden End at Hull Truck Theatre in November. Then we have our own Callum Smith and Katy D’Arcy – they don’t class themselves as actors but they do a hell of a good job!

Here are a selection of character posters from ‘The Field’ showcasing some of Hull’s finest in, what we hope people will think to be, a great little film!

Berry Productions

Berry Productions

Berry Productions

Berry Productions

Berry Productions

Berry Productions

Berry Productions

Berry Productions

Berry Productions

Hope you like – please share our posters and our teaser trailer – on a zero-budget we need all the help we can get!

Films that Inspired ‘The Field’

As we draw ever closer towards completing our newest and best ever shot film ‘The Field’, I’ve been thinking about the different films I’ve seen that have inspired our film. When I say inspired, I don’t mean the story. This is OUR story. Inspired to us means a general feel for the film.

Back of pub

‘The Field’ is about a bunch of happy-go-lucky kids who come across something mysterious and potentially very dangerous. We have tried to mix elements of comedy with mystery and horror. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that this is a kids film just because its main characters are children. Although it has that childhood element to it, it is filled with some very scary scenes and quite a few jumps! But we did take inspiration from a number of kids films.

Here are some of the films we have taken inspiration from:

The GooniesGoonies

A group of kids embark on a wild adventure after finding a pirate treasure map. ‘The Goonies’ is one of those classic films that we all loved as kids, and still do now. It is the characters, the relationships between the children that make this film great. We’ve tried to capture a similar feel – have the children childish and fun, and work brilliantly together.


Boy finds alien, boy befriends alien, boy helps alien get back home. We all cry. Another Spielberg classic, ‘E.T.’ , like ‘The Goonies’, captures that essence of childhood and the relationships between them. ‘E.T.’ has all the heart and emotions that we have tried to recreate between our characters and the characters they meet on their journey. Plus we have a great bike riding scene – only ours don’t fly!

The VillageVillage

The population of a small village, surrounded by woods, discover the truth about the creatures that live within the trees. M. Night Shyamalan brings us horror in a tense intriguing story. It is this feeling that we have tried to portray. We love films that don’t show too much. In ‘The Village’ you never quite see the monsters which makes it even scarier. We love being scared and have tried to portray that same sense of confusion and horror!

Super 8Super 8

A group of friends witness a train crash and investigate subsequent unexplained events in their small town. J.J. Abrams brings us another group of children, on a journey of discovery. Charles in ‘Super 8’ is a bit of a knob. Max in ‘The Field’ is a bit of knob too! Inspiration from ‘Super 8’ comes again from the relationships and the mystery that the children encounter.

There are more films that have inspired us I’m sure, but these are the ones that I can think of right now (it is 11pm and I’m very tired!). These films are great, our film is hopefully going to be great too! I’m not saying our film is going to be anywhere near as good as these – as these have had big budgets and huge crews. But I am going to say that ‘The Field’ will intrigue, will make you laugh, will make you scared, will make you jump and will leave questioning… “What if…?”

Production for ‘The Field’

Three small

Sarah, Max and Jacob stare out into the mysterious field…

This post is borrowed from

Those following me and Berry Productions on Twitter will no doubt have heard us banging on about our latest short film ‘The Field’. So what’s it all about then anyway? ‘The Field’ is an adventure/horror film starring three excellent young actors. Here is a little blurb for the film to give you a little taster:

“There are many rumours surrounding Old Joe’s Field. There always have been. Rumours about the disappearance of Old Joe’s son long ago. The tales of what could possibly lurk in that field, beyond that fence. The stories of the noises people have heard or the things people have seen there in the dark.

Then there is the challenge. It is a challenge of bravery. Many of the children are doing it. In the dead of night, whoever can stand at the fence to that field the longest is the bravest. It is a challenge that sounds simple, but, as three young friends are about to find out, may not be as easy as it seems. Especially when those rumours may actually be true…”

Finding our locations was a bit tricky. It took us ages to find the most important location, the field itself! We looked at hundreds of locations, none of which could work. They either looked the part but were too close to roads, or only looked good from one angle. Eventually we discovered the little gem below in a small village near to Hull called Brantingham. It has a brilliant fence and an amazing view!

The field in Brantingham

We found a great sweet shop, Megs Sweets, in Hull that had that ‘old fashioned’ feel we were looking for. The owners were really good to us, allowing us to turn their shop into a film set one Sunday after closing time! We used the back of the offices of our good friends at Jenko Marketing to film the back of our pub scenes. We also used cast members houses, my house and my parents houses for other locations needed for the film!


Back of pub filmed at Jenko


Sweetshop filmed at Megs Sweets

We started filming at the end of November 2012 and have just completed the last major scene, May 2013. We had hoped to have completed production of the film months ago but due to the terrible winter we had, we had to push our deadline back!

Now however, with production complete, we can focus on post-production – the edit, sound effects, music and digital effects. So in other words, now that the cold weather has gone and the sun is shining, we’re going to be stuck inside working on the computer. Typical!

Let me introduce you to some of the amazing people that have been involved in production of our film.


Cast and crew of ‘The Field’



Kane Meaks as Jacob

I met Kane whilst working in his school as a teaching assistant. I taught the children filmmaking  techniques and he stood out for his acting skills! Kane brought his own odd uniqueness to the role of Jacob!


JadeJade Thrustle as Sarah

 Jade was part of my film club at the school I worked in. She in a natural performer, skilled in acting, singing and dancing. Jade was perfect for the role of Sarah and really made the character her own!



Matthew Duncan as Max

Matthew was also a member of my film club. He is very dedicated and a bit of a perfectionist. He was great as the cocky, bullying Max, even though in real life he is such a nice boy!



David Aston as The Shopkeeper 

David has worked on numerous short films. We saw him starring in some of our friends films and knew he would be perfect for the role. He brought his experience to the role and was such a professional!


Joanne Gallagher as ‘Mad’ Maddy

Jo auditioned for the role of Maddy. We knew from the instant she started reading the script to us that she would be great for the role. She put her own spin on the character that gave her a complex and mysterious character!



Callum Smith as Eddy Jenkins

Our own Callum has been wanting to try his hand at acting for some time so he tried out for the role of Eddy and did a fantastic job! He pulled off cocky, mean and a bully a little too well!



Katy D’Arcy as Jacob’s Mum

My better half, Katy, is a great actress. She was great as the worried, caring and very loving single mother character. She brought a brilliant sadness to the character that was never intended in the script!


Joseph Monahan – writer, director, editor

Callum Smith – director, editor, composer

Ben Wade – sound

Neil Watling – technical

Carl Greene – still photographer

So there it is. The Field! There is of course much work still to be done in the edit where the magic takes place! Watch this space as we’re in creation of a trailer and some poster art! Please drop me a comment, let me know what you think!

Joe x

The Actors in ‘The Field’

‘The Field’ is our latest short film, currently rocking in at 45 mins!

Jade Thrustle

The Field – Berry Productions

There are a number of things that make a film great. Great writing, great direction, great sound and great editing are four of the most important. Without those four brilliant combinations, all working together, you’re going to get a distinctly average, or sadly, quite dire film. Too many times have I seen, what could potentially be a good film, ruined by just one of those things being poorly executed.

The other vital ingredient to this mix is, of course, great acting. Without great acting your amazing script, award winning director, incredible sound and slick editing is all for nothing. One of my pet hates is watching an indie film that has clearly cast the writer/directors friends as main roles. Let’s be honest, in most cases, your friends can’t act. Friends and family members are fine for extras, or the occasional one-liner, but if you want a professional film that is going to impress everyone other than your friends and family, then we need to be working with great actors!

We have found some excellent actors for ‘The Field’, from the young to the old and everywhere in-between. The main characters in ‘The Field’ are Max, Sarah and Jacob, three young friends, so we needed not only good actors, but good child actors. We also needed a great supporting cast as they meet a number of different people in the films journey.

Let me introduce you to our cast and the characters they play in ‘The Field’…

Matt Duncan - Berry ProductionsMatthew Duncan as Max 

Max is the leader of his little gang of friends. He desperately wants to be popular and ‘cool’ like some of the other children in his school. A bit of bully towards Jacob, the youngest of the group, Max wants to take part in the challenge at Old Joe’s Field, to prove to everyone how brave he can be!

Max is played by Matthew Duncan (12). Matthew is a brilliant young actor who is gaining a keen understanding of filmmaking. It wouldn’t surprise us if Matt decided to work behind the camera when he’s older. One of the nicest boys you’ll ever meet, which just shows how good an actor he is as he plays the bully, cocky Max perfectly!

Jade Thrustle - Berry Productions

Jade Thrustle as Sarah

Sarah is the sceptic in the group. She doesn’t believe that there is anything strange in that field, but is interested to find out if she could be convinced. She is probably the strongest of her group, not afraid to stick up for Jacob and put Max in his place!

Sarah is played by Jade Thrustle (12). Jade is a natural performer – she is great at acting, dancing and singing. She understands how to act on camera or to an audience so they get the best out of the performance. She also isn’t afraid to bring her own personality to a character – putting her own unique spin on things and bringing a fresh perspective!


Kane Meakes - Berry ProductionsKane Meakes as Jacob

Jacob is the youngest of the group and a little insecure. Picked on by Max and mothered slightly by Sarah, he is constantly reminded that he is young. He is also terrified of the challenge at Old Joe’s Field and does not want to take part.

Jacob is played by Kane Meakes (9). Kane is a breath of fresh air to work with. Youthful, very talkative and enthusiastic, yet brilliant in his performance. Kane is a great storyteller and I believe this is something that will grow as he gets older. He loves to perform and you can tell this by the unique charisma he brings to his character.

David Aston - Berry ProductionsDavid Aston as The Shopkeeper

An mature man working a the village sweetshop, the shopkeeper sees a lot of children come and go. His interest in our three main characters is sparked when he hears them talking about the challenge – the challenge he also did as a child!

The Shopkeeper is played by David Aston,  a seasoned actor who has appeared in a number of films over the years. He has a strong, authoritative presence, probably due to spending most of his life in the police force. David is an actor who nails every line and his voice, deep and full of bass, sends shivers down your spine!

Jo Gallagher - Berry ProductionsJo Gallagher as ‘Mad’ Maddy

People in the village say that Maddy is a witch. The three children meet her during their adventure and are lured into her house by the promise of fresh lemonade and information on the challenge at Old Joe’s Field!

‘Mad’ Maddy is played by Jo Gallagher. Jo auditioned for the role, returning after a gap in her acting career. We instantly knew she was right for the role. Jo plays the character of Maddy differently and far better than we had originally planned, making her character much more believable. She has a seductive tone to her voice and an intensity to her acting that draws you in, keeping you engrossed in her character!

Callum Smith - Berry ProductionsCallum Smith plays Eddy Jenkins

Eddy is a cocky, young man, who works at the local pub. Eddy holds the record for the challenge at Old Joe’s Field, a reputation that has stayed with him ever since.

Callum not only acts in the film, but is co-director along with Joseph Monahan. Callum is a perfectionist who won’t stop until he has got his performance right. A lead guitarist in a band, he is used to being in the spotlight, which helps him to perfect the cocky character of Eddy Jenkins!


Katy D'Arcy - Berry ProductionsKaty D’Arcy plays Jacob’s Mum

As an overworked, underpaid, single mother, Jacob’s mum just wants the best for her son. She cares for him greatly and is deeply concerned to hear that he has been playing near Old Joe’s Field.

Katy is very natural in her performances and her maternal nature shines through in this role. She has the ability to show a sadness in her performance that makes the audience instantly care, yet her warmth still captivates allowing the audience to connect with her.

So now you know the main players of the film – the actors and the characters they portray! Hopefully this little taster has intrigued you enough to want to know more. If you are a filmmaker and are interested in using these brilliant actors for your own, potentially brilliant film, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we’ll hook you up!

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