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Supernatural Horror Film ‘The Field’ On DVD Now!

Our 45 minute film ‘The Field’ that was completely self funded, is available to buy on DVD now for £5 (plus postage)! All the money we raise is going towards our next film!


Poster - DVD poster

Like what you see? Help support independent film and ‘Dare To Do The Challenge’ by getting your copy now!


Thanks from all the Berry crew x


The Field on DVD – available now!

Front CoverBack CoverWe recently completed our 45 minute, zero budget film ‘The Field’, made in and around our home city of Hull and with a cast and crew from the area too! We’re happy to announce that the DVD’s are now available for you to relive the challenge (if you’ve already seen it) or dare to do the challenge (if you haven’t seen it)!

The Field DVD


It took us a year to complete ‘The Field’ from the first day of filming and, with only a handful of people in our crew, it was quite a challenge! The entire film was financed from our own pockets (in other words… not much at all) and had a LOT of  help from local businesses, friends and family members – all of which we are incredibly grateful for!

We’ve packed the DVD’s full of extra features and a couple of our other recent short films! We’ve been looking forward to getting the DVD’s completed so we can get the film we all worked so hard on seen by all of you lovely people!

If you would like to buy a copy of ‘The Field’  please use the ‘Buy Now’ button below. The DVD’s cost £5.00 each (plus postage and packaging) and every penny will go towards funding our next film.  If you live near us in Hull and would rather collect your DVD, you can use the contact form below and we will get back to you ASAP.


Thank you for your time and for supporting Independent Film! We really hope you enjoy our little film! We’ll leave you with our trailer for ‘The Field’ to wet your appetite! Enjoy – The Berry Crew x

Comedy Sci-Fi eBook FREE – 4th-5th April!

Free Weekend Strip

Not film related this one, but our very own Joseph Monahan, director and writer at Berry Productions, has his first published eBook on Amazon completely FREE today and tomorrow: 4th-5th April! Joe writes scripts and novels – with many of Berry’s films written by him. In the demanding and packed eBook market it’s hard to get your name heard through the vast ocean of other eBooks so he really needs everyone’s help to get his work read!

Click here to download your FREE copy now from or click here to download FREE from

New DimensionSo what’s this book about? Here’s a little blurb:

“‘Intergalactic Terrorist’ follows Charlie Pinwright, possibly the most forgettable man on Earth, who, in the space of a few days, loses his job, has his flat rented out to a family of butchers and finds his girlfriend cheating on him with a Spanish cake decorator. Oh, and he is kidnapped by a crazy alien bounty hunter and sent into a new dimension full of strange worlds and even stranger characters, all who want to see poor Charlie dead!

Desperately trying to return home, Charlie finds himself a wanted man and is hunted by all the major powers of this new dimension, quickly becoming one of the most memorable men in the universe!
However there is much more at stake than his own life and he soon discovers that the fate of the entire galaxy may rest on his shoulders…

‘Intergalactic Terrorist’ is a comedic sci-fi/fantasy that is filled with brilliant characters and strange and exciting story twists!”

The book has had some great reviews – check out this amazing review – but needs more!

So please, grab yourself a FREE copy for your Kindle – or any computer, smart phone or tablet (just download the free app!) And share this amazing offer with everyone you know! Let’s get talented work read by the masses, then maybe Joe will get recognition for his script writing talents as well!

Click here to download your FREE copy now from or click here to download FREE from

Below is the trailer we made for the book, and below that is the Joe reading the books prologue, accompanied by pretty imagery!

Click here to download your FREE copy now from or click here to download FREE from

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