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Dead Man Walking – Episode 2

Steve2Hi, I’m Steve, I work on sound with Berry Productions and can occasionally be found doing some acting as well! Look out for me in ‘The New Family Corporation’ (at the bottom of this post)! We’re also currently in production of a music video for my new song ‘Mama’ for Cancer UK.

Recently, I’ve  also been documenting my adventures in ‘Dead Man Walking’. Welcome to episode 2…

So, I’m sitting here a day after launch of episode 2 and the response has been incredible! I never actually expected people to watch it, and to WANT to watch it. Wow!

Filming episode 2, was a lot harder than the first one, because there was a bit more organisation involved. Getting my mates Nick and Chris in on the idea was great because I think it added a whole new dimension to the first 5 mins.

Filming the night vision stuff was great fun, albeit scary. The only problem I faced in the editing suite, was that it’s a nigh-on obsolete format (Mini-DV) camera. Although it was worth the nut ache. I was really pleased with the footage.

I later found out, there is a black panther on the loose out there, so that clearly makes me a double-hard ba***rd.

This adventure was a true test of what I can achieve. I really found this one hard, both mentally and physically. In the dark, in the middle of nowhere, on your own.. It’s a hard place to be, and I nearly gave up a few times. If it wasn’t through the support of a very good group of friends, I wouldn’t be here typing this. Episode 2 would not exist.

Physically this challenge drained me, I was carrying a lot of water on my back, and that didn’t agree too well my my legs. I ended up spraining a tendon in my foot and I’ve been limping around like a wounded donkey for about 5 days now. I’m on the mend though, so that’s awesome.

All in all, I think I can say, I’ve found something I really enjoy. From adventuring, to editing, to release. It’s really a lot of fun.

Keeps me out of the pub.

Thanks again for your time, time is precious.

Steve Dead Man Walking

WARNING: Contains strong language

 Here’s our latest short film, starring my good self – ‘The New Family Corporation’



Written by Steve Fettis – Actor/Post-Production Sound at Berry Productions.

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Comedy Sci-Fi eBook FREE – 4th-5th April!

Free Weekend Strip

Not film related this one, but our very own Joseph Monahan, director and writer at Berry Productions, has his first published eBook on Amazon completely FREE today and tomorrow: 4th-5th April! Joe writes scripts and novels – with many of Berry’s films written by him. In the demanding and packed eBook market it’s hard to get your name heard through the vast ocean of other eBooks so he really needs everyone’s help to get his work read!

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New DimensionSo what’s this book about? Here’s a little blurb:

“‘Intergalactic Terrorist’ follows Charlie Pinwright, possibly the most forgettable man on Earth, who, in the space of a few days, loses his job, has his flat rented out to a family of butchers and finds his girlfriend cheating on him with a Spanish cake decorator. Oh, and he is kidnapped by a crazy alien bounty hunter and sent into a new dimension full of strange worlds and even stranger characters, all who want to see poor Charlie dead!

Desperately trying to return home, Charlie finds himself a wanted man and is hunted by all the major powers of this new dimension, quickly becoming one of the most memorable men in the universe!
However there is much more at stake than his own life and he soon discovers that the fate of the entire galaxy may rest on his shoulders…

‘Intergalactic Terrorist’ is a comedic sci-fi/fantasy that is filled with brilliant characters and strange and exciting story twists!”

The book has had some great reviews – check out this amazing review – but needs more!

So please, grab yourself a FREE copy for your Kindle – or any computer, smart phone or tablet (just download the free app!) And share this amazing offer with everyone you know! Let’s get talented work read by the masses, then maybe Joe will get recognition for his script writing talents as well!

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Below is the trailer we made for the book, and below that is the Joe reading the books prologue, accompanied by pretty imagery!

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Films that Inspired ‘The Field’

As we draw ever closer towards completing our newest and best ever shot film ‘The Field’, I’ve been thinking about the different films I’ve seen that have inspired our film. When I say inspired, I don’t mean the story. This is OUR story. Inspired to us means a general feel for the film.

Back of pub

‘The Field’ is about a bunch of happy-go-lucky kids who come across something mysterious and potentially very dangerous. We have tried to mix elements of comedy with mystery and horror. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that this is a kids film just because its main characters are children. Although it has that childhood element to it, it is filled with some very scary scenes and quite a few jumps! But we did take inspiration from a number of kids films.

Here are some of the films we have taken inspiration from:

The GooniesGoonies

A group of kids embark on a wild adventure after finding a pirate treasure map. ‘The Goonies’ is one of those classic films that we all loved as kids, and still do now. It is the characters, the relationships between the children that make this film great. We’ve tried to capture a similar feel – have the children childish and fun, and work brilliantly together.


Boy finds alien, boy befriends alien, boy helps alien get back home. We all cry. Another Spielberg classic, ‘E.T.’ , like ‘The Goonies’, captures that essence of childhood and the relationships between them. ‘E.T.’ has all the heart and emotions that we have tried to recreate between our characters and the characters they meet on their journey. Plus we have a great bike riding scene – only ours don’t fly!

The VillageVillage

The population of a small village, surrounded by woods, discover the truth about the creatures that live within the trees. M. Night Shyamalan brings us horror in a tense intriguing story. It is this feeling that we have tried to portray. We love films that don’t show too much. In ‘The Village’ you never quite see the monsters which makes it even scarier. We love being scared and have tried to portray that same sense of confusion and horror!

Super 8Super 8

A group of friends witness a train crash and investigate subsequent unexplained events in their small town. J.J. Abrams brings us another group of children, on a journey of discovery. Charles in ‘Super 8’ is a bit of a knob. Max in ‘The Field’ is a bit of knob too! Inspiration from ‘Super 8’ comes again from the relationships and the mystery that the children encounter.

There are more films that have inspired us I’m sure, but these are the ones that I can think of right now (it is 11pm and I’m very tired!). These films are great, our film is hopefully going to be great too! I’m not saying our film is going to be anywhere near as good as these – as these have had big budgets and huge crews. But I am going to say that ‘The Field’ will intrigue, will make you laugh, will make you scared, will make you jump and will leave questioning… “What if…?”

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