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College days…

Three of the Boys of the Berry, Callum Smith, Ben Wade and Joe Monahan (me!), studied media and moving image together at Hull College. A two year course where we learnt the basics of many of the skills we possess today. The projects we made whilst there show our ability level at the time but where a great starting point for us. We made opening credits, music videos, animations, live television shows, hate crime videos, charity appeal videos and more. It was where we really decided what it was that we wanted to be.

For our final major project, we were allowed to have some fun and make whatever content we wanted. We chose a short fictional film. It was called ‘Three of a Kind’ and was meant to reflect UK’s gangster films – based around a poker players delve into the underworld.

Looking back on it now, it is a bit cringe-worthy. Some of the ideas are good and the soundtrack is epic, but overall execution is amateur at best. But then that’s what we were back then. Amateur filmmakers. Without going through that stage we would never be where we are now!

So sit back and enjoy (or not!) ‘Three of a Kind!’

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