Wastelanders (2011)

Directed by Joseph Monahan and Callum Smith, 2011

In an old, abandoned room and with only a single gun as a weapon, a group of strangers must fight and kill in order to survive…

‘Wastelanders’ was created with the idea of making a series of short films by Berry Productions based in the fictional, post-apocalyptic city of Utopious! We made this film as a test to see if we could make an action-based film using physical and digital effects. We loved the finished film and it has had great responses from everyone that has seen it. We premièred the film in Hull, along with three other local short films, at Fruit, a brilliant bar with a rustic, warehouse feel, that fit the film perfectly!

Bonus Features

Wastelanders Joseph Monahan Berry Productions

Joseph Monahan

Wastelanders Callum Smith Berry Productions

Callum Smith

Wastelanders Jake Truman Berry Productions

Jake Truman

Wastelanders Chris Osborne Berry Productions

Chris Osborne

What happened to the City of Utopious?

Wastelanders Charles Starling

Charles Starling gains power…

Wastelanders Utopious

The brilliant City of Utopious was built…

Wastelanders HPC

A new form of energy was introduced to every home. Safe for all the family…?


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