Gonna Make It My Way (Angels) – Zanna Gregmar (2014)

Written and performed by Zanna Gregmar. Video created by Joseph Monahan and Callum Smith. Artwork by Brian Chapman.

The track and video was created to put a smile on people’s faces and add a bit of colour to the world!

New music video from Zanna Gregmar! ‘Gonna Make It My Way (Angels)’ is a fun, happy song and video, made purely to put a smile on people’s faces!
Available for download on iTunes and all major download sites. Find out more at http://www.zannagregmar.com

If you are looking to have a music video produced, please get in touch for a quote – berry_productions@yahoo.co.uk

Concept: Zanna Gregmar, Brian Chapman
Film and Animation: Joseph Monahan and Callum Smith
Artwork: Brian Chapman

Minstrels – Samantha G, Brian Chapman, Ben Eskrett
Angels – Charlotte Gregmar, Samantha G, Minty (Michael Davidsson) Valen Vain
Happy Singer, Musicians – Zanna Gregmar

Piano, Accordion: Zanna Gregmar
Guitar: Terence James Dunne
Drums: Brian Chapman
Base: Brian Hairsine
Violin: Pete Clayton
Back Up Vocals: Terrence J Dunne, Zanna Gregmar
Recording Engineer: Terence James Dunne
Produced by: Zanna Gregmar, Brian Chapman and Terrence J Dunne
Mastering at Fairview Studios: James Markham
Musical Arrangements: Zanna Gregmar


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