Wonderful – Cast and Crew

Cast and Crew

At Berry Productions we have an amazing group of people, both in front and behind the camera. For our new film ‘Wonderful’, that group has expanded even further!


Cast and Crew - David

David Aston as Donald Willful

An old man who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, who believes he was once the great superhero – Mr Wonderful!

Taking the lead role in ‘Wonderful’, David plays both the fragile yet frustrated elderly Donald, and the strong and determined Mr Wonderful to perfection!

Cast and Crew - Jo

Joanne Gallagher as Elizabeth

Looking after her elderly father is a constant struggle for Elizabeth, especially when she must constantly remind him that he is not a superhero.

Joanne plays the role brilliantly, showing both the love she feels for her father, and the frustration of being his carer.

Cast and Crew - Richie

Richie Donaldson as Dr Range

An obnoxious doctor who Donald Willful deeply mistrusts. Dr Range has no time for the elderly and treats Donald like a child.

Playing the (possible) villain of a film is always fun and Richie has a lot of fun with this character! He gives a great performance as the untrustworthy doctor!

Cast and Crew - Chance

Chance Monahan as Charlie

Donald’s young grandson is a huge fan of superheroes. Will he believe that his grandfather is Mr Wonderful, his favourite of all the heroes?

This is eight year old Chance’s first serious acting role and he plays the character brilliantly!


Berry Productions, Hannah Davies, Wonderful

Hannah Davies

Cast - Connor

Connor Purdue

Katy D'Arcy, Berry Productions, Wonderful, Indie Film

Katy D’Arcy

Berry Productions, Lee Williams, Wonderful, Indie Film, Hull

Lee Williams

Callum Smith, Wonderful, Berry Productions, Hull, City of Culture

Callum Smith

Joseph Monahan, Berry Productions, Hull, Wonderful, Indie Filmmaker

Joseph Monahan

Cast - Kev

Kev Thompson

Cast - Jase

Jase Mayo


Cast and Crew - Group

Directed by: Joseph Monahan and Callum Smith

Written by: Joseph Monahan

Produced by: Joseph Monahan and Callum Smith

Music Composer and Performer: Callum Smith

Sound Recorders: Ben Wade, Neil Watling and Joseph Monahan

Camera Operators: Callum Smith and Joseph Monahan

Additional Camera Operators: Carl Greene and Neil Watling

Still Photography: Ben Wade

Costume Designer: Joseph Monahan

Costumes: Elli Noble

Hair and Make-Up: Joseph Monahan, Andy Train and Joanne Gallagher

Edited, SFX and Visual Effects: Callum Smith and Joseph Monahan

Production Assistants: Carl Greene, Neil Watling, Joanne Gallagher, Katy D’Arcy, Lewis Antcliff

Mr Wonderful Comic Art: Joseph Monahan

Cast and Crew - Group 1


About Berry Productions

We are Berry Productions – an independent filmmaking team based in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK. Making films since 2004

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