Dead Man Walking: Season 2 – Coming Soon!

S11026742_10153276471774305_1346181733_no it’s been nearly a full year since the first season! I’ve missed you guys! Where have you been?

A lot has happened while I’ve been away, family disputes, being evicted, but worst of all lost my battle with alcohol. I started drinking to excess again, I started getting pretty poorly and then lost access to my son. Luckily I’m back on the old sober train now, I can see my son, and I’m starting to reap the rewards of watching him grow into an amazing/clever/handsome young man with one hell of an appetite for adventure.

The first series was praised for being very ‘honest’, sometimes I think it may have been a bit TOO honest, but this is an autobiographical, adventure documentary. I guess I have to show the world this side, so they can understand the thought processes and eventually the healing process. Hopefully it’s a story people will want to watch.

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A lot of people approached me about making a second series but after getting lost on an adventure, and nearly dying from hypothermia (seriously, the coastguard was involved and everything) I decided to have a break. I was getting too cocky, I thought I was indestructible. I’m not.

However… In the deepest, darkest recesses of my mind, I’ve been ITCHING to get back out and do something. Something to save me from the mundanity of my office job and my tiny flat, my routine of eat, sleep, work, repeat, to go outside and live a little! I lay awake at night thinking about it. I NEED to do this. So I started planning series 2…


I’ve spent the best part of a day sorting out my online presence, Twitter/YouTube etc… to transform this dodgy little slap-dash documentary, into a brand. YouTube is a very powerful tool, which is getting bigger and bigger. Fan-bases can be built, money can be made, and audiences seem to like this bizarre editing style I’ve adapted, so hell I’m gonna run with it. It’s mad how a couple of snapchats turned into a full blown TV show made for the internet!

So here we go again. In another attempt to curb a long term battle with my drinking, I’m going outdoors, armed with a couple of cameras and I promise this season will be more over the top, more funny and more honest than ever!

Please follow me on Twitter @thisisdeadman and SUBSCRIBE to on Youtube to be one of the first to know!

Filming starts on the 10th of March (my birthday) and I will be living homeless on the streets for 2 nights, with no food or water. I can’t wait!!!

See you very, very soon


Check out Season 1 of Dead Man Walking:

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Written by Steve Fettis – Actor/Post-Production Sound at Berry Productions.

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