Dead Man Walking – Episode 3

Hi, I’m Steve, I work on sound with Berry Productions and can occasionally be found doing some acting as well! Look out for me in ‘The New Family Corporation’ (at the bottom of this post)! We’re also currently in production of a music video for my new song ‘Mama’ for Cancer UK.

Recently, I’ve  also been documenting my adventures in ‘Dead Man Walking’. Welcome to episode 3!

So…. It’s been a while but I finally had chance to edit episode 3.

This challenge was designed to test me on every single level. It did.

The idea was simple, get blindfolded, taken to an unknown location, with no map, no compass and no phone.

The reality of this challenge set in pretty quickly. I was told to wear a ‘tracker’ on my leg for safety reasons and I had to have some means of communication, which meant strapping an iPhone to my leg with gaffer tape. Two birds, one stone. The phone was unusable , plus it was gaffer taped to my leg so I didn’t WANT to take it off. I couldn’t.

So they blindfolded me and took me to said location. The feeling was nothing like I’d ever had before. I usually know where I am at any given time, how I got there, how to get back. Coupled with having no phone, no map and no real idea where I was, it was really cool. I had nothing leading me back home, but a sense of direction. Proper man stuff!

I was living again!!! away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Just me, my thoughts and a camera!

I was busy doing a PTC when I fell into a ditch. Not even a big one. Unfortunately I broke the camera when I fell. I hit the grass, my cam hit concrete. My only way of keeping sane on this adventure was talking to the camera, and now it was gone!

I carried on even though I couldnt film anything, but my bruised morale couldn’t take it. I walked around 6-8 miles (google earth says) until I found civilisation and hitch-hiked home. This story pains me, because it didn’t finished the way it should’ve. But I made it home. Thats all that matters.

Cheers for having a skeg at my sweaty blog!

Steve x

WARNING: Contains strong language

 Here’s our latest short film, starring my good self – ‘The New Family Corporation’



Written by Steve Fettis – Actor/Post-Production Sound at Berry Productions.

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