How To Look Cocky? Eat An Apple…

There are numerous ways actors and directors portray cockiness on screen. A smug smile. A witty one liner. A simple hand gesture. There’s also another tried and proven method that we see time and time again that works really well. Some directors use it all of the time. So what’s a great way to look cocky? Eat an apple!

Sounds strange but there’s something so smug and so arrogant about someone sinking their teeth into a juicy apple and ripping out a bite. It’s such a simple thing but it works so well. Here’s some great examples:

Indiana Jones

No one does cocky quite like Harrison Ford. Indiana Jones rocks the cocky apple eater in this great scene from Temple of Doom.

Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp also plays cocky really well. Jack Sparrow, one of his more famously cocky characters, holds that apple with extra smugness!

Robert Downy Jr

Photo-shoots work too. Robert Downey Jr, known for his own cocky personality, rocks it with this apple!

Kirk Shatner

In Wrath of Khan, another famously cocky character, Captain Kirk (William Shatner), eats an apple with smug pride in an equally smug scene where he dupes Khan’s plans!


J.J. Abrams, always a lover of the apple, emulates Kirks love of the cocky apple in his take on Star Trek. Chris Pine’s Kirk is the epitome of cocky!

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder looks like a cheeky trickster eating an apple off a knife in this photoshoot!

Will Ferrell picks an apple from a tree and eats it while filming in Brooklyn, New York

Will Ferrell, on the set of Anchorman, apparently plucked this apple from a nearby tree between shoots. Now that is cocky!


Even Vampires like apples! David Boreanaz did it with sinister undertones in Angel

Bill Duke - Warden Harris - Lost

Bill Duke pulls it off exceptionally as the arrogant Warden Harris in Lost!


Beyonce is full of girl power and shows she don’t take no sh*t from no one by biting into this red delicious!

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, another eater of the apple from a knife. She’s smug, cocky and you don’t want to mess with her!


Our own use of the smug apple eater. Kev Thompson starring in our short film ‘The Wife and I’. Cocky bastard!

Where does this apple obsession come from? Perhaps it all begin with Adam and Eve. Was Eve biting that forbidden apple the start of human-kinds smug, cocky attitude? I don’t know. All I do know is that it really does work.

So if you’re an actor or are making a film or doing a photo-shoot, give it a try. Smugness without words. Just eat an apple.


Written by Joseph Monahan – writer/director at Berry Productions


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We are Berry Productions – an independent filmmaking team based in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK. Making films since 2004

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  1. Don’t forget Draco Malfoy!

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