Time to get Animated!

TrumpersA few months ago I was drawing with my kids, Ruby and Chance, when we started making a bunch of crazy little characters. The kids did most of the designing of the characters, drawings and choosing their names. We then made them into the awesome top trumps cards and called them ‘Trumpers’.

Trumpers Logo








This got me thinking about an idea for a cartoon series still named ‘Trumpers’. Characters and storyline ideas created by kids, updated by the masterful team at Berry Productions to make them fun filled episodes full of crazy creatures with some great stories. So, with this in mind, we have been coming up with ideas for the show. ‘Trumpers’ is going to be in the format of a sketch show – like The Fast Show. Hopefully we’ll make it appeal to young and old, so it’s a kids cartoon that parents will enjoy watching as well!

We’ve been making some test animations to see if we can nail the format. Here’s a little dancing dragon named Drogo (yes, a Game of Thrones reference!). This is our first proper test. There are still many changes that we need to make. We hope to get the animation to flow a little more smoothly. The drawing style was just a quick little think I did – it doesn’t reflect the style that ‘Trumpers’ will be.

It would be great to know what you think and any ideas you may have to help us with our series. We’ll be posting more updates soon so please keep posted!


Written by Joseph Monahan – writer/director at Berry Productions


Download Joe’s comedy sci-fi book, Intergalactic Terrorist.


About Berry Productions

We are Berry Productions – an independent filmmaking team based in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK. Making films since 2004

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