Dead Man Walking…

Steve DMWHi. I’m Steve, from Dead Man Walking. I’m the accidental documentary maker. With Berry Productions I’m often found acting or working on post-production sound.

Dead Man was stumbled upon, on an app – Snapchat. I started filming just to let everyone know where I was going, how I was doing. When I got back off that adventure, I sat and watched it back and thought ‘Hey, that’s pretty cool’. So I went out and got myself a cheap digital camera.

With that, Dead Man Walking was born, completely by accident.

The first episode was really fun to film and edit. It really got my creative juices flowing as I tried to work out a ‘format’ for the show, how it should look/feel etc.. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at ‘presenting’ so I just went for it!

The Hull – Hornsea challenge is really a test of endurance more than anything. The track is brutally bumpy and my bike had no suspension. The endurance part was made somewhat easier with something to take my mind off the muscle-splitting pain. The film. How should I vLog this bit? How will I edit this to make it look good? Segways – going from talking to cam, to voice-over.

I really wasn’t expecting a lot of people to take to it, as episode 1 falls in at just under 20 minutes long. People these days have very short attention spans, (including me) and I thought that’s where it’d fall.

Thankfully the response has been great! A lot of people seem to really dig it, which is amazing! Episode 2 is very nearly ready and I can’t wait to show you it.

Oh and by the way, I’m not trying to be Bear Grylls, he drinks his own wee and I’m not down with that.

Thanks very much for watching/reading this.

Steve x

WARNING: Contains strong language

 Here’s our latest short film, starring my good self – ‘The New Family Corporation’



Written by Steve Fettis – Actor/Post-Production Sound at Berry Productions.

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We are Berry Productions – an independent filmmaking team based in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK. Making films since 2004

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