Production for ‘The Field’

Three small

Sarah, Max and Jacob stare out into the mysterious field…

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Those following me and Berry Productions on Twitter will no doubt have heard us banging on about our latest short film ‘The Field’. So what’s it all about then anyway? ‘The Field’ is an adventure/horror film starring three excellent young actors. Here is a little blurb for the film to give you a little taster:

“There are many rumours surrounding Old Joe’s Field. There always have been. Rumours about the disappearance of Old Joe’s son long ago. The tales of what could possibly lurk in that field, beyond that fence. The stories of the noises people have heard or the things people have seen there in the dark.

Then there is the challenge. It is a challenge of bravery. Many of the children are doing it. In the dead of night, whoever can stand at the fence to that field the longest is the bravest. It is a challenge that sounds simple, but, as three young friends are about to find out, may not be as easy as it seems. Especially when those rumours may actually be true…”

Finding our locations was a bit tricky. It took us ages to find the most important location, the field itself! We looked at hundreds of locations, none of which could work. They either looked the part but were too close to roads, or only looked good from one angle. Eventually we discovered the little gem below in a small village near to Hull called Brantingham. It has a brilliant fence and an amazing view!

The field in Brantingham

We found a great sweet shop, Megs Sweets, in Hull that had that ‘old fashioned’ feel we were looking for. The owners were really good to us, allowing us to turn their shop into a film set one Sunday after closing time! We used the back of the offices of our good friends at Jenko Marketing to film the back of our pub scenes. We also used cast members houses, my house and my parents houses for other locations needed for the film!


Back of pub filmed at Jenko


Sweetshop filmed at Megs Sweets

We started filming at the end of November 2012 and have just completed the last major scene, May 2013. We had hoped to have completed production of the film months ago but due to the terrible winter we had, we had to push our deadline back!

Now however, with production complete, we can focus on post-production – the edit, sound effects, music and digital effects. So in other words, now that the cold weather has gone and the sun is shining, we’re going to be stuck inside working on the computer. Typical!

Let me introduce you to some of the amazing people that have been involved in production of our film.


Cast and crew of ‘The Field’



Kane Meaks as Jacob

I met Kane whilst working in his school as a teaching assistant. I taught the children filmmaking  techniques and he stood out for his acting skills! Kane brought his own odd uniqueness to the role of Jacob!


JadeJade Thrustle as Sarah

 Jade was part of my film club at the school I worked in. She in a natural performer, skilled in acting, singing and dancing. Jade was perfect for the role of Sarah and really made the character her own!



Matthew Duncan as Max

Matthew was also a member of my film club. He is very dedicated and a bit of a perfectionist. He was great as the cocky, bullying Max, even though in real life he is such a nice boy!



David Aston as The Shopkeeper 

David has worked on numerous short films. We saw him starring in some of our friends films and knew he would be perfect for the role. He brought his experience to the role and was such a professional!


Joanne Gallagher as ‘Mad’ Maddy

Jo auditioned for the role of Maddy. We knew from the instant she started reading the script to us that she would be great for the role. She put her own spin on the character that gave her a complex and mysterious character!



Callum Smith as Eddy Jenkins

Our own Callum has been wanting to try his hand at acting for some time so he tried out for the role of Eddy and did a fantastic job! He pulled off cocky, mean and a bully a little too well!



Katy D’Arcy as Jacob’s Mum

My better half, Katy, is a great actress. She was great as the worried, caring and very loving single mother character. She brought a brilliant sadness to the character that was never intended in the script!


Joseph Monahan – writer, director, editor

Callum Smith – director, editor, composer

Ben Wade – sound

Neil Watling – technical

Carl Greene – still photographer

So there it is. The Field! There is of course much work still to be done in the edit where the magic takes place! Watch this space as we’re in creation of a trailer and some poster art! Please drop me a comment, let me know what you think!

Joe x


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We are Berry Productions – an independent filmmaking team based in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK. Making films since 2004

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